ch/r range as PFA

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      Hi, I do not have one yet, I am thinking do I need one or no, I either cbet, or ch/c or ch/f, not very balaced I guess becouse I ch/c only with hand which are marginal, or against very agresive playres with decant hand or monster for example I open from MP with KQ and agroo reg calls from CO, flop comes Q27r, then I ch/c all 3 streets. But such situations do not happen very often. If I ch i ch/f in much higher freacuancies than ch/c. So I am thinkig to create ch/R range. I guess I am not explioted yet becouse I play only on NL25 but I will move to NL50 and before doing that I want to create ch/R range as PFA if it is nessesary.
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      basically on dry boards it makes more sense to cbet most of your range
      on wet boards you are check/folding really often so you should check/raise sometimes so that your opponents cannot bet all the time when checked to.

      So I would basically c/r 3straight boards fairly often both with the nuts and with some backdoor bluffs
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      You don't need to use every line at every opportunity. Maybe more important is that you have every hand in every line you do decide to take.

      If you want to check call a flop as PFR, do not have only weak-medium made hands! You should also balance those check calls with both floats and nuts.

      Boards where it does make sense to have a XR range as PFR are not boards where you check (/fold) a lot. At least that is not the reason for having a XR range. Boards you should XR as PFR are boards that get bet in position a lot (which coincides with boards you check a lot), because if you opponent will bet when checked to most of the time anyway, why would you want to cbet yourself.

      Regarding your example with KQ against an aggro opponent. In most cases this is a bad adjustment. Why are you planning to XC KQ? Because he bluffs to much? Then you should also check call three streets with all bluffcatchers, 7x,88-JJ,AJ,AK! Taking KQ to bluffcatch as well might be best, but checking KQ is not a direct adjustment to too many bluffs. If checking value-betable hands is best because of a high bluffing frequency you should check all bluffcatch+ hands including Ahi,AA and sets and check call down with all of those.
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      wow nice post. Thanks