problem while depositing

    • aayuz123
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      i am from india and a visa debit card holder
      when i start to verify my debit card and they ask to cut some fee frm my account
      but that is not happening i think it is because they ask before that am i doin funding for gaming sites or not
      i suppose my bank (hdfc ) does not aloow this thats y they reject it
      if i write choose the yes option .. then verification is not starting so what should i do ?
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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hello aayuz123

      Sorry to hear you are having problems and i'm afraid i don't know the answer i can give you some options though.

      You can email Skrill from your account there and ask them what to do next (I had a quick look on the website and couldn't find an India telephone number so maybe emailing is better)

      You can wait and see if anyone with the answer you are looking for comes by and helps out in this thread.

      Or we have an Indian community where you can ask in the forums there. With it being the Indian community you will have a higher chance of speaking to someone who has had the same problems as you you can find the Indian community by following this link:

      Hope you get it fixed soon