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river fish

    • amater0001
      Joined: 07.04.2011 Posts: 193
      another fish (yeah, that's me) decided to go on a kind of blog-egotrip

      So I'm from Slovenia, a"family man". I've been playing NLHE and PLHE for about 2 years now. I have a regular job as a lawyer so poker is mostly funny addiction (ask my perhaps soon-to-be-ex girlfriend) to me.
      All in all I enjoy The Game. beside that I know how not to lose in a long run, that's why I'm playing only micro limits (up to NLHE/PLHE 10€).
      I tried even PL0 and PL0 8 and found out that's not for me - I'mnot aggro enough plus on micro limits rake is enormous.

      Anyway, I'll show some hands. Any comment (even "you stupid fish") is welcomed.

      I play mostly CG 6-max, tourneysare too time consuming IMO.

      So let's start with a fishy suckout, and a stupid river play from a villain i think.
      We both played fishy or was it correct from him to call my river shove? I hoped he had smth like AK or AQ
      Sorry i cant see HM now so I can't tell his stats my are generally smth like 25/15, but not on fishy bwin :)

      TEXAS_HOLDEM, NO_LIMIT 0.02/0.04˘
      Seat 1: ales44 ($3.84)
      Seat 2: driplX ($4.75)
      Seat 3: Bantelope ($3.73)
      Seat 4: osaex666 ($2.33)
      Seat 5: RAMUKAS ($1.73)
      Seat 7: hero ($4.00)
      Seat 8: silent79 ($5.52)
      Seat 9: chrumek1 ($1.08)

      silent79 posts blind ($0.02), chrumek1 posts blind ($0.04).
      ales44 folds, driplX folds, Bantelope raises to $0.16, osaex666 folds, RAMUKAS folds, ($4.00) hero calls $0.16, silent79 folds, chrumek1 folds.
      Flop [board cards: 3C,8H,TS ]
      Bantelope bets $0.28, hero calls $0.28.
      Turn [board cards: 3C,8H,TS,4S ]
      Bantelope bets $0.70, dclxvi88 calls $0.70.
      River [board cards: 3C,8H,TS,4S,AC ]
      Bantelope checks, hero bets $2.86 and is all-in, Bantelope calls $2.59 and is all-in.
      hero shows [ TD,AD ]
      Bantelope mucks [ QS,QH ]
      hero wins $7.02.
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    • amater0001
      Joined: 07.04.2011 Posts: 193
      Bit of a tricky-bluff preflop play + big hit on the flop. People tend to call shoves around here very lightly.

      Seat 2: trucollr ($3.86)
      Seat 5: And3street ($6.67)
      Seat 6: KANADA2 ($1.02)
      Seat 7: Jamasterg ($3.72)
      Seat 8: hero ($3.94)
      Seat 10: mrdarkpig77 ($4.17)


      And3street posts blind ($0.02), KANADA2 posts blind ($0.04).
      Jamasterg calls $0.04, hero calls $0.04, mrdarkpig77 folds, trucollr folds, And3street raises to $0.12, KANADA2 calls $0.12, Jamasterg calls $0.12, hero raises to $0.36, And3street calls $0.36, KANADA2 calls $0.36, Jamasterg calls $0.36.
      Flop [board cards: 2C,6S,7D ]
      And3street bets $1.08, KANADA2 folds, Jamasterg folds, hero raises to $3.58 and is all-in, And3street calls $3.58.
      Turn [board cards: 2C,6S,7D,9H ]
      River [board cards: 2C,6S,7D,9H,JS ]
      hero shows [ 6C,6D ]
      And3street shows [ 8H,8D ]
      dclxvi88 wins $8.03.
    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      Hey amater0001,

      Welcome to our blogs section :) you know the only way to improve is to overcome our fears and start discussing and study hard. You're doing the right thing here and I'm sure if you discipline enough and post religiously, you will learn more and more.

      Good luck!
    • pleno1
      Joined: 19.11.2010 Posts: 5,596

      Riverfish gonna crush :f_love:

      In the 66 hand I thik I'd just call pre flop, hopefully get as many as possible players in the pot who can hit top pair when we have a set and stack one of them :D

      Really interested in your profession, could you tell us a little bit more? How did you get into it? What parts of law? Biggest injustice in history? If you can get me into the Lawyers home game ;)