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question for Xarry

    • shloogy
      Joined: 02.04.2008 Posts: 263
      Hi xarry!

      first i must say i enjoy your videos very very much! please make more of them!

      so my questions are: does AK have even a little value when facing a re-raise ?
      i have filtered those situations on PT where i was the open raiser, pre flop raised and got re-raised, and found out that at very very best im facing vs QQ, so even vs QQ im ev- due to QQ's slight edge and rake.but on most cases im facing AA and its kinda unnecessary to say that i lost close to 100% on these situations.

      of course im talking here about situations where the raiser was not a maniac and i was not on the blinds, i'd say his (the raiser's) pr is about 8-12% (playing of course FR)

      2., im currently playing on nl50, am experiencing a downswing, losing many flips and got some 1-4 beats pre flop which is in fact, the highest edge u can achieve going all in pre my winrate is now less than 1bb\ this normal? what is an average\good winrate for a SSS player?

      -i also play on many tables, something between 8-10 at the same time, is this can affect my game? because i gave it a thought and all i need to know is found in the HUD so i dont have to pay attention to my opponents at all, am i right?

      3.also wanted to ask,in this limit im facing most of the time with blinds steal,so i wanted to know, say im on sb or bb, and the BTN has 7-11% pr, but 30% attempted to steal, can i re-steal or shove with 99, AT etc?

      4.took a look on next limit, NL100, how come the plrs\flop and avg pot is higher in relation to NL50? does it mean that are much more loose players over there ?

      Looking forward to your answer, and thanks in advance, shloogy.
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    • xylere
      Joined: 27.05.2007 Posts: 2,939
      Hi Shloogy

      this thread is dedicated to xarry, not me
      as i've never made any videos for PS)

      but i will answer your questions, anyway)

      1) AK has a lot of value against a single re-raise. However, its just a high varience hand. Download equilator and check the equity.
      Its a cflip against any PP (with slight disadvantage) and 75/25 against any weaker aces. The only hand that beats AK badly is AA. Even against KK we have 30% equity. So, in the long run, its a very profitable hand.

      2) SSS i extra swingy, you have to get used to those beats. Good winrate would be 3-4BB (not PT BB), however, 6BB is definately achievable on the lower limits.

      3) well, as SSS player you are supposed to play a lot of tables (i played up to 20)
      However, you need to get rid of all possible leaks first. So temporarily reduce the number of tables to improve your game. And then start adding back 1 by 1.
      You don't need to think as much as playing BSS, but it doesn't mean that you have to be careless about whats going on around)

      4) Depends on their calling (resteal) range. Which can be hard to figure out. Again, download Equilator and play with the ranges. Post your hands, evaluate your play, do some math
      eventually, you will get a feel for it)

      5) Those stats aren't really reliable. But yes, in general, higher limit games are more agressive.
    • shloogy
      Joined: 02.04.2008 Posts: 263
      thank u Xylere for the reply, i did actually confused as i mentioned Xarry...

      about AK - didnt understand how come it has value on the specific situation i have mentioned - i pfr got re-raised by a solid and shove.evem according equilator when selecting JJ+ (JJ,QQ,KK,AA,AK, i only concider these hands to be fired back from a solid player pre flop) i am 60-40 dog.

      Xarry im still waiting for ur answers :)
    • xylere
      Joined: 27.05.2007 Posts: 2,939
      your stack is 20BB and you raise 4BB pre, and get reraised
      we assume that opponent doesn't fold no matter what
      so you are riksking 16BB to win 24BB (opp's stack and initial 4BB bet)
      1/ (1 + 24/16) = 40% breakeven equity
      zero EV
      add any deadmoney (limpers, for example) and its +ev
      also reduced stack adds ev. for instance, with 18BB stack, you need 39% equity

      easy push

      reread the articles, those basic things you need to understand

      i moved the thread to Strategy Discussion
    • shloogy
      Joined: 02.04.2008 Posts: 263
      i see what's your point xylere, but than again, math alone and results alone...after i filtered those situations AK is a big EV- , is it just a downswing?
      do u mind checking it to ?

      and where is xarry? ;p lol..
    • xylere
      Joined: 27.05.2007 Posts: 2,939
      post it, of course)
      but you probably don't have a sample) so its just varience
      you can't be result oriented in poker
      Ak is a huge moneymaker

      the easiest way to reach xarry is to visit his coaching, imo
    • xarry2
      Joined: 02.01.2007 Posts: 834
      hi shloogy!

      thx for your question and the feedback. i just didn't read this. that's why I didn't answer :) if you've got a question directly to me then you can post it either in the feedbackthread or in the coaching reviews. I check these threads daily, but the rest of the forum only sporadic.

      basically xylere already good answers.
      As I recently mentioned in coaching and video calling a reraise is almost never a very profitable situation (except we have AA or KK or are in a blindbattle situation). This is because of the gap concept - the reraiser usually needs to have a much better hand than ours in order to reraise us.
      Nevertheless we can call sometimes because we've already invested money in the pot or because there is other dead money. pot odds decide wether we can still call even if we have less than 50% equity.
      To make a precise decision you need to take a look at my equity chart (or any other equity comparison with possible reraising ranges)

      To come to your question about AK. Where I play (NL200+) I almost never have to think about folding AK. my opponents usually reraise with a range which is loose enough to call the reraise even with a bigger stack. They reraise with JJ+ and AK (our equity is 39.8% or 42.8% when suited) or the reraise with TT+ and AQ where we have a flip. If I raise from later positions ranges of course get looser which is why I will make good profit.
      But as xylere said this is very swingy. if you play dices it often happens that you get the same number 2,3 or 4 times in a row. And there the chances are 5:1. If we call a reraise we often only have 2-10% edge so something like 5:4 or 7:5 chances. This should illustrate how often we can loose there in a row. SSS is very swingy!
      On thing about NL 50: ít is probably way less aggressive than higher limits. This speaks for tighter reraising ranges. The fact that much more SSSPs play there will also make the reraising ranges against SSSPs tighter: the bigstacks know our strategy/ranges very well and will therefore not reraise TT or AKo against an UTG raise from us.
      Now it is your job to find out the reraising ranges of your opponents. Maybe you have to adjust my chart with another even tighter range than JJ+, AK. If you do so you will be able to find out the break even equity and with smaller remaining stacks you can still call sometimes. Give it a try!

      Take a look at the advanced SSS articles: restealing, adjusting the reraising ranges and how to play against other SSSPs are really important. and btw, bss articles as well! :)

      feel free to ask more questions, best would of course be during coaching since we can then develop a discussion with other players, too.

    • shloogy
      Joined: 02.04.2008 Posts: 263
      thank you for your reply.Xylere showed in the other post that its always profitable to shove with AK after a reraise, where we have about 40% equity vs JJ+AK, and some dead money.i told him that i feel that i lose a lot of moeny thought but he consist about this i filter a particular situation where i was the open raiser, got raised and shoved it.guess what? i lost 7 out of 10 times, and split balance: 66$(NL50).(sample size 100k hands,10 AK in this unique situation)

      wanted to filter those situation that there where limper\s before me and than i raise and got reraise after me but PT couldnt tell it as far as i'm concerned.

      i cant see how i can possible able to make that plays again...but i do feel that i am developing a better understanding about what is the correct move in certain situations.