TILT when running good?

    • farbwenz
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      I have a tilting problem, I assume. I have no problem when my KK run into AA, or my AA into KKK, and even the worst beats make me smile rather than tilt. However, when I get a few winning sessions (maybe 2 larger MTT final tables in a row, a few first places in SNG or good variance in cash) I feel like I am unbeatable. Meaning, I start calling a 3-bet with AK, being sure that I can outplay my opponent later; I start 16-tabling on the next higher limit (even though I am not even sure I break the current limit yet), or I start playing different game formats (rush, 6max etc.). But usually I just play far above my bankroll, until I am left with less than before. This way I came from 50$ to 500$ and back. Several times. Since I more or less quit SNGs (at least for some time), I played around 50k hands on NL2, then moved up to NL4, but decreased tables from 12-16 down to 4. So far so good, I felt like I might also be beating this limit.
      Then I won quite a bit in tournaments (I invest less than my estimated daily winnings into these, just for fun), and the usual thing happened: I played some more tournaments where I was seriously underrolled, and in cash games did not bother about NL4 anymore, but just went on 16-tabling NL10. This time it actually went well, I won around 100$ and am now rolled for NL10 (30 BI). Still I easily could have busted the larger part of the BR this way. Anyone else having that problem of tilts in combination with upswings? would you even call it tilt?
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    • MMPokerNab
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      it's called bad BRM during upswings, i think :D

      why not cash out the moniez (or put them on skrill) and continue playing rolled for NL4 (or whatever limit you feel comfortable with) until your skill catches up with your roll?
    • DecMate
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      It's called being stupid, you act like it's out of your control when it's in fact the opposite.

      BUT i've done it too, except i've learned straight away that it will just get your down in the long run, i took shots at higher tournaments and then returned to cash games with a lower BR an get angry that my bankroll wont go up. Learn to solidly beat a limit first (that's my aim, currently playing NL25rush) because it will be an achievement when you can make a buck at a solid rate doing something you enjoy!

      Soo stop goofing around an put your luckbox money to some good use! :f_biggrin: &good luck with everything
    • farbwenz
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      "being stupid", yeah that was the word I was looking for:D
      maybe I should stop playing tournaments altogether (The best way to add variance to the graphs^^). And as I just got PT4, I have a good feedback now on how I do (just above break-even on 40.000 hands), I can't tell myself I am crushing a limit anymore. Cashing out is also a good idea, so thanks^^
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      Id echo what pokernab said, cash out. If you are comfortable with and have a solid bankroll for NL4, or whatever limit, then cash out your winnings every so often.
      I cash out everything over 200BB at the limit I play every Monday (so i can hopefully have it by Friday). Of course sometimes I am not up but I can then make it back over the next few weeks.
      You would be surprised at how many decent online players don't cash out. They just let the money sit their until they're inevitably tempted by high stakes.
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      Yeah, I have the same problem and I try to overcome it. If I have a big upswing, I start thinking two things:
      1) I'm so up now I can gamble more often to try and win even more while some relatively small losses by loose calls won't hurt me much. Obviously, this is completely wrong an only leads me to constant losses and terrible spots.
      2) After I consistently hit the flop and suck out if I was semibluffing I start to feel invincible and start making super-loose plays without noticing that I'm off my game until I'm down a bunch.
      It's especially bad if I start playing like that and hit some coolers, then I go on mega-tilt. I don't go on tilt so much if I was just losing - it's the previous upstreak that makes me so angry to suddenly start losing when I'm ahead after I was consistenly winning with both strong hands that held up and weak hands that drew out. Sometimes I go up a limit in these spots because I have the false feeling I'm still playing great and if I go up I'll recover quickly. Obviously, this leads to big losses...
    • VorpalF2F
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      Overconfidence may not be "tilt" but it is certainly a problem with your mental game.

      The usual advice applies.
      On each hand, evaluate the situation as it pertains to that hand alone.
      Leave all external factors out of consideration.

      To help me with this, I created two mnemonics:.
      Action before me
      Stats / Stack sizes / Steal

      Strength / Stack-to-Pot / Size of Bet
      Odds -- includes implieds

      The "ego" item is to remind myself to verify that my mental state is not influencing my decision.
    • Erevos
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      For beginners, it is always bad to change limits or games. For example, being used to NL FR's low variance, playing HU SNG, PLO or even tourneys may put you on tilt and do really stupid things if you don't stop.

      It is crucial not to ignore the knowledge resources too. Do you review some hands, watching videos etc? Must stick to the long run, put the target on beating your current limit and take one step at a time. In what way "fast money" can be your targeting? Go on to the roulette then :tongue:
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      I recommend this thread for the tilt issues.

    • MonaiPlox
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      You are a gambler sir. You have a bright future, but you have to learn how to control the beast. Good luck.