Options If You Run Out of Cash

    • pokerpower1
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      Here are a few option if you run out of your starting bankroll.

      1. Go tell-a-friend about PokerStrategy and make up to $100.00 each.

      2. Wait for your 27% rakeback from around the middle of the month. (Assuming you lost recently)

      3. Deposit money and get up to a $600.00 bonus!

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      I hope these little steps helped you out on restarting that bankroll.
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi pokerpower1,

      thank you post I'm sure it will help some of our players.
      2. you only get the 27% rakeback on fulltilt so it won't help you on other sites

      3. We do not recomment depositing your own money! You should only deposit as a last resort and only when you have sufficient knowledge to play profitable poker. If possible you should build your bankroll with the 50$ starting capital or use the TAF system to replenish your BR.

      4. I'm sorry but I had to delete that link

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    • HennieP
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      Here's some more.

      1 - Most of the sites have daily freerollls. It takes a lot of luck to win those but it can be done and it's a nice way to rebuild.

      2 - Turn those frequent player points into cash. Many of the sites have point sattelites to bigger tourneys. If you win you can just withdraw from the tournament and use the T$ for smaller tourneys or SnG's

      3 - PokerStars playchips is worth money. You won't believe how easy it is to build up a few million playchips and convert it to cash. Unfortunatly I cant post site names but you can just Google it.