[NL2-NL10] NL2 - AK - 2 pair vs 2 players

    • schelleXL
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      please look at following hand. I don't have stats.

      donkeyshow__ ($1.44)
      paladin1677 ($2.02)
      mmistrall ($0.89)
      errror88 ($2.41)
      irulkaaa ($3.37)
      schelleXL ($1.86)
      blinuw1989 ($3.93)
      kingomg ($0.59)
      DECYPHER66 ($2.21)


      schelleXL posts small blind $0.01,
      irulkaaa posts big blind $0.02.

      kingomg folds,
      errror88 folds,
      paladin1677 folds,
      DECYPHER66 folds,
      mmistrall folds,
      blinuw1989 folds,
      donkeyshow__ raises $0.06,
      schelleXL raises $0.17,
      irulkaaa calls $0.16,
      donkeyshow__ calls $0.12.

      FLOP [K :diamond: , A :spade: , 4 :club:]
      schelleXL bets $0.26, irulkaaa calls $0.26, donkeyshow__ calls $0.26.

      TURN [9 :spade:]
      schelleXL bets $1.42 and is all-in, irulkaaa raises $2.93 and is all-in, donkeyshow__ folds.

      RIVER [ Q :club:]

      schelleXL shows [A :heart: , K :spade:]
      irulkaaa shows [4 :spade: , 4 :diamond:]
      irulkaaa wins $3.96 from the main pot.

      Are my betsizes okay ? I think I could probably bet abit larger on flop but the board didn't seem dangerous (rainbow flop and only QJ could be dangerous for straights).

      So I wanted some value from both players

      I go all-in on Turn because of Flushdraw on board.

      Could I have foreseen the cooler ?
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    • imfromsweden007
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      I would raise a little bit bigger preflop, you are out of position so you want to give worse odds for them to call. Around 0.20-0.22 seems fine.

      Flop I'm bettin slightly bigger. True there are not a lot of draws out there but you still want to charge the pairs as much as possible, no pairs that are calling a 0.26 bet are folding to a 0.34 bet.

      As played I think you played turn fine, and there's no way to avoid the cooler.