[NL2-NL10] NL2 - AA - Reraise on turn

    • schelleXL
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      Another failure to get value from AA

      donkeyshow__ ($2.96)
      paladin1677 ($2.07)
      NoXHero ($2.25)
      schelleXL ($1.84)
      T4lkhun4t ($1.92)
      Rasputin559 ($2.29)
      GoodLuck30 ($1.00)
      pepaletov ($3.44)
      QuarXampL33 ($2.00)


      PRE-FLOP schelleXL raises $0.08,
      Rasputin559 folds,
      T4lkhun4t folds,
      QuarXampL33 folds,
      paladin1677 calls $0.08,
      pepaletov folds,
      donkeyshow__ folds,
      NoXHero folds, GoodLuck30 folds.

      FLOP [3 :club: , K :heart: , 8 :diamond:]
      schelleXL bets $0.09, paladin1677 calls $0.09.

      TURN [ T :club:]
      schelleXL bets $0.20, paladin1677 raises $0.48, schelleXL raises $1.47 and is all-in, paladin1677 calls $1.19.

      RIVER [2 :heart:]

      paladin1677 shows [8 :heart: , 8 :club:]
      schelleXL mucks
      paladin1677 wins $3.53 from the main pot.

      I have the impression I have to fold every Overpair AA because they always seem to have Trips.

      Should I fold overpair Aces on a reraise on the turn ? He calls my c-bet and then raises where I put him on a flushdraw.
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    • imfromsweden007
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      I would bet flop bigger. You want to charge Kx and similar as much as possible, and he's not folding top pair even to a bigger sizing.

      The turn is a tough decision but I would probably fold. People tend to just call their draws in these spots, and only raise their strong hands. Therefore folding good hands to a turn raise is often the best decision.