[NL2-NL10] NL2 - AQ - Fish ?

    • schelleXL
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      Could you have a look at this one :

      ShoveOff ($3.43)
      atmz125 ($2.00)
      Paterony ($1.48)
      schelleXL ($2.41)
      alexis7j ($0.74)
      kingomg ($0.57)
      Rasputin559 ($2.03)
      pepaletov ($3.04)


      ANTES/BLINDS $0.01, $0.02.

      schelleXL raises $0.08,
      Rasputin559 folds,
      ShoveOff folds,
      kingomg folds,
      alexis7j folds,
      pepaletov folds,
      Paterony calls $0.07,
      atmz125 calls $0.06.

      FLOP [3 :club: , Q :spade: , 8 :diamond:]
      Paterony bets $0.15, atmz125 folds, schelleXL raises $0.46, Paterony calls $0.31.

      TURN [5 :heart:]
      Paterony bets $0.94 and is all-in, schelleXL calls $0.94.

      RIVER [7 :diamond:]

      Paterony shows [8 :club: , 7 :club:]
      schelleXL shows [A :diamond: , Q :heart:]
      Paterony wins $2.89 from the main pot.

      Another fine example of the night I had :tongue:

      So I raise early with AQ, 2 callers
      I hit TPTK, He bets and I reraise x 3, he calls : why ? Okay he doesn't believe I have the Q. What could he beat with a pair of 88 when I rease early and reraise on flop ?

      Then he goes all-in with only his 88

      And I get sick ... ?(

      Did I do something wrong here ?
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    • kymupa
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      Preflop raising is fine.

      I don't really mind raising the flop. I don't believe he is going to end up folding Qx so raising for value is good.

      On the turn we have an easy call.

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