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[NL2-NL10] nl10 sh AA 150bb deep

    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Holdem
      6 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      DrDunne (UTG) ($16.06) 161bb
      UTG+1 ($17.06) 171bb
      CO ($15.05) 151bb
      BTN ($16.26) 163bb
      SB ($10.50) 105bb
      BB ($11.89) 119bb

      Pre-Flop: ($0.15, 6 players) DrDunne is UTG A:spade: A:heart:
      DrDunne raises to $0.40, 1 fold, CO raises to $1.20, 3 folds, DrDunne raises to $2.50, CO calls $1.30

      Flop: 3:diamond: 6:spade: Q:diamond: ($5.15, 2 players)
      DrDunne bets $2.75, CO calls $2.75

      Turn: 4:heart: ($10.65, 2 players)
      DrDunne checks, CO checks

      River: 5:diamond: ($10.65, 2 players)
      DrDunne bets $4.90, CO goes all-in $9.80, DrDunne folds

      Final Pot: $20.45

      CO wins $23.99 (net +$8.94)

      DrDunne lost $10.15

      only had 30 hands on villain, but he was 26/23 so doesnt seem very passive so far, and he has also been 3betting a fair amount too so i assume he's a somewhat tight aggressive regular.

      i messed this hand up baad. as i played the hand i thought i would check the turn and jam when he bets. then when he checked behind the turn i thought bet/fold was the best line since we are deep and he wouldn't jam it with a worse hand but could call with KK or AQ. :f_confused:

      when i went over the hand after, my thoughts were as follows: i should have 4bet it much bigger because i'm 150bb deep. either way, his range is super tight once he calls preflop - something like QQ-KK, AK. on the flop i have no reason to believe i'm behind, and i have to continue betting on the turn. my check behind is retarded because he is never floating me light in a 4bet pot and so check/jamming doesn't make any sense. the turn should have been bet fold, and the river....... well i guess i would have been lost by that point :D

      the odds i get on the river are insane. im not sure if he gets KK in preflop or not, but if he doesnt then i'm obviously good ~60% of the time. but if he DOES get KK in then my hand is practically dead against his range since he's never bluffing.

      how are my thoughts?
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    • BogdanPS
      Joined: 12.05.2010 Posts: 27,588
      Preflop: This deep we can 4-bet a bit larger and since we don't really have history he wont know if we can bluff or valuebet with a larger 4-bet. And we can expect him to call even a larger 4-bet and thus making a bigger mistake.

      I wouldn't say his range is that tight when he calls this 4-bet because your size is a bit small in comparison to the stacks and how much he needs to call. I can see him calling suited hands and even PPs for setmining.

      Flop: Cbetting is fine and the size is not too bad. Perhaps a bit larger is fine as well (like $3-$3.5) especially if we want to shove the turn (and to be honest if he calls our flop cbet we should consider shoving turn anyway because his range is stronger).

      Turn: His range calling the flop is most likely sets, flush draws, Qx and occasionally 1p hands like 77-JJ.

      On this 4 we can still get value so I would bet myself either small like 1/3 to induce him to make a mistake or just shove. I probably before the shove versus unknown because he may have a hard time folding Qx and/or draw (sloplayed KK). However if we would of bet bigger on the flop our shove would have not been a PSB and thus making it look stronger.

      River: As played he can have some flushes (AK, AJ, AT maybe even other Ax hands) and 77 is occasionally part of his range. I can't see him checking back the turn with KK if he had it just to minraise the 5 on the river (that completes two draws).

      So bet/fold it would have to be.
    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      thanks for the detailed evaluation bogdan. my thinking for sizing on the flop was that i could even go smaller than 50% pot?

      also i'm surprised you say bet/fold - i was really expecting you to say that because of the pot odds i'm practically committed, so i'm glad i made the fold.. i guess i overlooked how my small 4bet sizing would invite a few other hands along. i just assumed it was super tight... but now given that he has a wider range i think it contains many more hands the have me crushed so it just makes the fold feel better..
    • RasTweet
      Joined: 26.12.2009 Posts: 4,553
      Hey Bogdan!

      Do you think it's a mistake to not bet the turn? I discussed the hand with DrD as well and I think not betting turn is a mistake and here is why.

      I expect most ppl to shove KK+ preflop, AK as well but IP they can call. Now when he calls on the flop I think if he has AdKd he will call another bet on the turn and you protect your hand vs flushdraws. If he raises I don't know if I would call. He could raise with KK but all the other hands have us beat.

      I know I put him on a tight range, but I don't see other hands then QQ+ and AdKd call on the flop in a 4bet pot. The 4b was small yes, but it's still a 4bet pot and we are deep. I don't think he'll call JJ otf.

      I hope this made some sense.

    • BogdanPS
      Joined: 12.05.2010 Posts: 27,588
      Hi RasTweet,

      I agree with you (as mentioned in my original post) that a bet on the turn is the best way to go.

      The idea would be for us to plan the hand out on the flop and decide if we want to put in the money on 2 or 3 streets.

      If we want to get the money in on two streets I think we should bet bigger on the flop so we don't have a PSB left on the turn.

      As played I'd shove the turn.