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VPIP / PFR of Advanced Openraising chart form

    • ramadas
      Joined: 02.09.2011 Posts: 462

      It is from Silver section. I was silver when playing on WPT Poker, but went to PS and never looked back (I was registered there before Poker Strategy).

      1. Can anyone tell me what would be VPIP or PFR of person using Standard Table, Minimal Table or Maximal Table?

      2. If I see that my table is tight, I can use Maximal table and if my table is loose I can use Minimal table. What would be VPIP values of switching? I know it is not exact science, but I will appreciate any guidelines.

      3. Can it be used in MTTs?
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    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,779
      If you want to improve your preflop hand selection, what i suggest is that you rank hands from the 100percentile to the 0%tile. So for example, we know that AA is the strongest hand and 32o is the weakest hand.

      Next, you try to formulate an opening range from each position.

      For example, I plan to open...
      UTG: 16%
      MP: 18%
      CO: 30:
      BU: 70%
      SB: 50%

      I play loose. but anyway this is my default plan. Maybe I have a preference for A2s over T8s? Or maybe I prefer Q9s over 45s? You would need to figure this out on your own. It's up to you to rank hands in order of strongest to weakest.

      Next, I start to look for reasons to deviate from my general game plan. Are the players behind me 3bet happy? If yes, maybe tighten up my range by a few %. If fishes are in the blinds, I might widen my range by a few %.