Destroying the competion ZOOM MTT

    • SherlockHolmes2ez
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      :diamond: About Me :diamond:

      :heart: I am 18 years old and I live in bulgaria, usually people recieve 200$ for a month in my country :) :heart:

      My current bankroll is 305$

      Right now I am playing NL 5 Zoom

      My first goal is to make 5000$, so I can live on my own!

      If I get some attention to this blog I will post some hands I play well and bad, and, I will talk more about changes in my life

      Before I was going to school with lowest money in my class, now nobody in my class doesn't even have 1/10 of my money :)

      I want to destroy the competion!
      That's why I try to do my best everytime, and I study a lot! Now let me finish my book from Daniel Negreanu! :)
      I want to destroy the competion o
      n pokerstars!
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