Really don't mean this to be a bad beat thread

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      Motivation for poker is so hard for me right now. Hardly ever play though the love of the game is still with me. Watch it all the time and am always trying to learn more but playing it is always so painful for me. Haven't played for about a week and have just started playing 3 SnGs; have just busted out of two of them within the third level.
      All in on second level with AA vs KK and shoved on a raise with my AK and about 15bb, snapped off with KJ and J on flop. This is so standard it hurts. I just can't get out of this's been about a year and a half since getting it in good meant anything at all.
      Even on the rare occasions I play live the same shit happens. Totally standard to lose when I'm that much of a favorite. So why do I keep playing at all? My bankroll is down to about a third of what I started with. Cashing in SnGs is such a rarity now 'cos I have to get it in bad to have any kind of shot. You can imagine what chances I have in coinflipping??
      What the f**k do I do about this? During this slump I have bounced around sites and I'm with Pokerstars now and understand totally that it's no curse and has nothing to do with the site, so don't want to move again. Feel so powerless to those cruel gods. I don't want to be done with the game cos I'm clearly fascinated by it but playing is no fun at all and it's a waste of money. Taking breaks doesn't stop the flow of shit coming my way and I likely have the worse ROI in poker history.
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      Hi deezer79,

      Moved this to Sit N Go Tournaments for you, it may get a more appropriate response there, ok?

      May I also suggest asking this guy, there isn't much about the mental side of poker (which, if I may be so bold, would seem to be the major hurdle here) he wouldn't have heard before and answered;

      +++Q&A with Jared Tendler!!+++

      Regards and hope that helps,

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      I have his book :) . Thanks for the reply tho.

      Helped my mindset a lot so tilt isn't nearly as much of a factor for me anymore. Doesn't stop you running bad tho...imagine how much he'd make from writing that book!
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      I've been through that. I know what it feels like.

      First I used to tilt, talk all kinds of s%#t to other players and then feel completely defeated after a session, because it seemed to me that there was nothing I didn't try to make some profit in the game. Heck, I even tried shipping it with KJ against AK! But soon I realized that not even that would help. If anything, it made matters worse.

      So I took a long break. And when I decided to return to the tables, I wanted to do it diferently:
      - I convinced myself that the luck part will even out, whether I'm winning or losing. I expect to have many situations where my best hand won't hold, because I play a lot every day. But as longs as I'm not the one having the worst hand, I'm good.
      - I made a rule not to chat, unless it was something nice.
      - I switched to cash games, because it was easier for me to get over the times when my hands didn't hold. If villain made a bad play and took my stack, I just hoped he'll stay at the table. Getting out of a sng or mtt used to feel like all my effort until then was ruined and wasted for nothing because someone got lucky. Cash games made that part go away.
      - Someone on this forum once wrote that there are no bad beats and that idea got me thinking in the right direction.
      - Playing 4, then 6, then 8-9 tables made me busy, so I didn't have the time to pay attention to things I shouldn't pay attention (he hit that J after we were all-in...) or make plays out of boredom.
      - Poker Tracker made me a better player.

      But maybe the most important change I made was the attitude that if I decide to be serious and apply what I learned from books and videos - I could easily beat the micros. Until then, I was a break-even or losing player. I just decided to believe that NL2 was beatable! I told myself: "F#$k, people are beating 1$/2$ ! I AM NOT going to be the one struggling with lowest stakes! I am going to take the game plan from the book, I will play ABC poker at first and gradually add things up and I am going to STICK TO IT UNTIL IT FUCKING WORKS OUT!"

      And then I went on to build my entire BR from 0 to a place where I can currently struggle with NL10 and just edging to be a winning player there, because I have more things to learn and adopt in my game. But I KNOW I can play 1$/2$ without ever putting my own cent into the game and I will do it!

      You are playing SNGs, but man - just get yourself straight, play proper game for your level, plug some leaks and just go and fucking do it!
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      But maybe the most important change I made was the attitude that if I decide to be serious and apply what I learned from books and videos - I could easily beat the micros.
      The only two things a human possesses are attitude and effort.

      You can read all the books there are and yet gain nothing,

      Strip away all of your assembled preconceptions, and start with the first book with an attitude that you can learn from this, then put out the effort required to practice each step. Only then will you begin to improve.

      I agree about cash games vs SnGs.
      SnGs can be devastating because you play for hours, build up a huge stack and bubble out. Cash games allow you to concentrate on the hand without having to worry about outside influences, vastly disparate stack sizes, ever increasing blind levels and the like. It is just hand against hand alone.

      It is fundamental to poker that variance averages to 0 for all players IN THE LONG TERM. That means that in order to profit in the long term, you MUST have a skill edge. Otherwise, if all players were equal in skill, then only the poker room profits. If that is the case, you may as well watch TV and send them a cheque every month, and save the aggravation.
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      Thanks so much for the reply guys. I found conquistadorrr's response especially helpful and like the mindset advice. After reading Jared's book there were several things that I tried to implement in order to get my mind right and found that not using chat box a must. Well, I use it to say nice things but never to berate. That helped a lot.

      I find that my goals within poker have changed a great deal though so I have to rethink everything. I want to enjoy playing poker. That is my new goal and it's just not happening. Perhaps I should re-study the book. Just played the first SnG since starting this thread...3 hands in someone wanted to 4-bet 75BB pre-flop with AK against my AA. Obv I didn't have a chance. Drawing dead on the flop. How do I plug that leak? I'm just wasting money. Certainly not motivated to open another SnG and I may play on Pokerstars again in another week or so.

      Totally hear what you say about CGs but my run is no better playing there. Best I can hope for is losing less per hand than a SnG buy-in. Considering playing FL CGs. Problem is that I love SnGs and FL is really a different game, I'm more comfortable acting in NL games. Really struggling here :( .