- Look him up if you have a chance!! $$$$$$$$

    • BenRFF
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      I have played several sessions with this guy and he is without dobut the worst player I have ever played against. Not only is he bad, but he SPEWS out $$, so i would encourage everyone to look him up at Full Tilt!

      Dont wanna reveal too much but he has no positional awareness, never folds top pair, never folds to pre-flop 3bets, hell he even calls off his stack with bottom/middle pair. He seems to think he is good and I know he is a moderator/member at this forum, since it was by searching for his nick I ended up here.

      I was seriously pissed off as he won money from me by getting extremely lucky, so I just wanted to punch a hole in my wall, but instead I decided to post here to get it off my chest. Thus my credibility might not be stellar, but do with this what you want. Just look him up
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