HUDs - A worthwhile investment?

    • MattyGray18
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      I was wondering what HUDs people use, and at what level of play they become a worthwhile investment.

      I currently play without a HUD, looked into using Hold 'em manager, and downloaded the free trial, however it was not compatible with PKR, on which i played most of my poker at the time, and i felt it was not worth purchasing a PKR specialised HUD i found as it would not be compatible with other sites i played on infrequently, and/or if i ever changed my regular site.

      I am currently looking at changing sites, as to take advantage of a good rakeback and bonus deal currently on offer. and this has begun me thinking again as to whether it would worthwhile investing in a HUD.

      Having recently read 'Killer poker online', i have a greater respect for the importance of keeping book, emphasised in this book. and feel a good HUD would help me with this.

      I have been playing mostly tournaments but am looking at moving back to cash poker, where i will probably start back at 10NL or 20NL.

      So my question really is whether at this level, it is a worthwhile investment to purchase a HUD, and if so, which people would reccomend?

      thank you for any thoughts people have.
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    • Sholja
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      HUD is always worth investment. I use hem2 and I'm more than satisfied with it. If you have money I would advise you to buy it.
    • vuciitis
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      If u can afford to play nl20, holdem manager purchase doesnt hurt u at all, so you should not even consider NOT buying it!
    • Krishjanis
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      If you are going to play NL10-NL20 then your bankroll should be enough to take a hit and buy a poker tracking software that offers a HUD.
      Two most popular is Holdem Manager 2 and Poker Tracker 4.
      If you have a slower computer then HM2 is really not the best for you, it can get slow sometimes, and it's not just me it's multiple people saying that.
      Poker tracker 4 is lighter on your system, but it's not as visually "pretty" as Holdem manager 2. They both pretty much offer the same features, for a beginner user, you go a bit more advanced then you can see the small differencies, it really depends on what you are going to do with the software. For me personally, I like Poker tracker 4 better, it has an easier way to review hands I have played and make notes on those hands and then post them here at hand evaluation forum.
      Both softwares provide free trials, I think they both offered 30 days. It is crucial that you test them both out fully with trials to see which one you prefer/ I would suggest starting with Holdem manager 2 as Poker tracker 4 can import it's database so the switch is seamless. I'm not sure maybe Holdem manager 2 could import Poker tracker 4 database then you could start the other way around, someone needs to comment on this to be sure.
      Both softwares you can get in small stakes versions, which means you don't have to drop 100$ straight away, but you can buy them for 60$ as small stakes version which means that they will support games I think it's up to NL50, so if you are playing NL10-20 then you are fine, and upgrade to full version will cost only 40-45$ so you are basically getting the same price.

      Is it a worthwhile investment? Absolutely!
      If you are serious about poker it's a must have.
    • Stevie8
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      from my own experience:
      - playing without HUD improves your ability to learn the game and understand its' concepts better
      - playing with HUD definitely raises your hourly rate and may also allow you to play more tables than usual

      I would advise anyone to not start their poker career using HUD, because they'll misunderstand important aspects and might become stats-depending robot players. Imagine a lifelong HUD-using poker player playing live poker :f_frown:

      Back to your question, yes it is a worthwhile investment for you in my opinion (especially if you want to turn to cash games). I would recommend Holdem Manager 2
    • YohanN7
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      ... visually "pretty" as Holdem manager 2. ...
      On acid :D ?

      Johan = :f_confused:
    • pucilpet
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      If you are playing more than two tables, I'd recommend getting a HUD.

      Atleast I can't follow all the action when multitabling and I'd imagine the same thing applies for most of us.
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      Thanks guys for all your input, I've moved this thread to the relevant board :)

    • nefarious26
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      HUD is 100% must

      even for beginners i would recommend using one Start off with a small HUD and build it up as you get used to it and database grows

      i would pay the money for Holdem Manager just for the VPIP And PFR stats alone
    • MattyGray18
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      thanks guys for all the input. i have long thought about getting one, definitely will be doing now. thank you