[NL2-NL10] Nl2 Fr

    • vuciitis
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      HI!I wonder if i had any chances to get away from this hand or sense that i am behind. I feel like i have to put as much money on the flop as posible, so my oponent dont even thinks about drawing against me. And if i am against a set (which is not likely because he would 3bet me before the flop) or straight like in this case, i just have to pay him off... Am i?

      Known Players:
      UTG3: $2,00 - 100 bb
      MP1: $2,27 - 114 bb
      MP2: $5,86 - 293 bb
      MP3: $2,22 - 111 bb
      CO: $2,23 - 112 bb
      BU: $2,84 - 142 bb
      SB: $2,00 - 100 bb
      BB: $2,03 - 102 bb

      0,01/0,02 No Limit Hold'em (8 Handed)
      Hand recorder for this hand: PokerStrategy.com SideKick 1.0.51108.1

      Preflop: Hero is SB with A:heart: , K:club:
      Hero posts small blind ($0,01), BB posts big blind ($0,02), 3 folds, MP3 calls, 2 folds, Hero raises for $0,07, BB folds, MP3 calls

      Flop: ($0,18 - 9 bb) A:spade: , K:diamond: , J:spade: (2 Players)
      Hero bets $0,14, MP3 raises for $0,45, Hero bets $1,78 and is all in, MP3 calls

      Turn: ($4,02 - 201 bb) 8:heart: (2 Players)

      River: ($4,02 - 201 bb) 6:club: (2 Players)

      Oponent had QT of clubs.
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    • BogdanPS
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      Hi Vuciitis,

      What range do you expect villain to raise and go broke?

      For example I could see him doing this with JJ, AK, AJ, KJ, QT, some QK, JQ, KT, JT (especially if they have fd or backdoor fd).

      After you decide on a range that villain can go broke with we can easily do the math and see the equity that we have versus that range (via PokerEquilab).