its been a pleasure guys

    • NRGBlaze
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      thank you for all your help and support guys! I had a very nice time here, learned a lot about poker (or at least I think i did :D ), but in the last 10 days I suffered a tremendous bad beat (or a tremendous lack of skill :D ). If there was any way a hand would go wrong it did and this led to the inevitable - BUSTOOO!!! :D
      i lost 70$ in 10 days - i just cannot believe that happened. i sure hope its not because i suck too much! :D Anyway i guess I'll be off poker for some time - i lost 70$ - i don't want to lose my money also, so thank you for everything once again and good luck at the tables! ;)
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    • Xantos
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      Don't let your head hang down - things like that happen from time to time :)

      Get a little distance between you and poker, think again and then decide to either stop it completely or dive into strategy articles, videos and hand ratings once again!