NL 10 beginner - stats

    • farbwenz
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      Hi I would like to post stats of my first 13 k hands on NL10 :
      VPIP: 20.00
      PFR: 17.35
      PFR/VPIP: 86.74
      3bet PF: 10.61
      3bet PF success: 44.59
      Cbet F: 87.71
      Fold to Fcbet 37.02
      BB/100 6.49
      F AF: 4.38
      F Afq: 67.54
      T AF: 2.41
      T AFq: 58.81
      R AF: 2.00
      R AFq: 48.82 steal (LP): 32.34
      Fold to steal: 73.65
      3bet LP steal: 18.03
      WSD: 48.75
      WTSD%: 35.53
      WWSF: 54.33
      won showdown after river call: 46.24

      Leak tracker tells me, that all aggressive behavior is too high (3bet, AFqs), and that I do not fold often enough. Won money at showdown is slightly too low, and WTSD slightly too high; WWSF is far too high (how is that last one possible? shouldn't a higher value be good?). Should I really be more choosy with spots? Anything else I should work on (apart from sample size)? what other stats should I look at?
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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      You may want to post if this is FR or SH too :)
    • farbwenz
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      oops. Yeah it is FR @ WPT, NL 10.
      Given your question, I really must be too aggressive^^
    • nefarious26
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      they look like 6max stats lol
    • eudodo
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      move to 6max
    • farbwenz
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      Problem is, I do not want to change to 6-max. I would need to play another 50k hands or such until I start knowing where I am heading. By then I will possibly be broke^^
      Just want to know whether the aggression I show (FR) costs me money long term, or whether its just a different playig style.

      Also, provided I fold easily to 4bets, is my 3bet value an immediate loss, or only bad if opponents adapt? if it takes time for my opponent to catch up to that, should I continue as long as I don't face more 4bets?
    • MrMardyBum
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      Have you ever actually played any 6max? Because I used to play FR only and now I find it well, dull.

      But in reply to your aggression query, just because you are above the range of the average winning player does not mean that you should change your game to conform to the norm. As long as you are winning over a decent sample of hands, and your aggression doesn't cause you to bluff at inappropriate times due to increasing pot size or you think he is bluffing whatever the reason. You do find yourself in a lot more marginal spots when you play aggressive though, especially once regs start to adapt and you catch a few complete bluffs when you have a hand and they think you don't, it then becomes a whole new game.

      I speak from experience I play more aggressive than you but at the SH tables, but even there my aggression is above the average. So as long as your hand reading skills are good and you can fold when you need to don't change that part of your game. BUT! DO keep checking and reviewing your database to make sure you are not over-stepping in to many spots, pushing down the potential profits.

      As you are playing at NL10, unless the guy is completely out of order with his 3/4Bets or you have seen him show down some very questionable hands, then I wouldn't stray far from value range with your 4Bets as most (unless plainly obvious due to player behaviour etc.) are not 4Bet Bluffing. If you have position, sometimes calling a 3Bet is better, but I always see calling a 4Bet as an odd thing to do at least at the micro's. And a high 3/4Bet (in my opinion) is the key to keeping that redline from declining steadily like so many of the graphs you'll see around the forums. Most people with high 3Bet usually have a positive or B/E redline, but with some people this does affect the Blue line, which is kind of an area open to debate.

      My 2c I guess... :f_biggrin:
    • farbwenz
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      I tried playing 6max fast forward. I won't show you my "winnings" graph, I am too ashamed of it;-) I have been changing game types too often already, now I want to get a decent sample size on a limit and see whether I actually beat it.

      Thanks for your insights, I have checked my biggest losers/biggest winners, and it is quite clear that I am calling by far too often when I am actually way behind. If I can work on that, and cut costs on turn/river, I might at some point be able to stop the blue line from declining:

      Uploaded with

      Even though I am running good atm I'd rather attribute it to luck then skill^^ But now that I have a HUD and gain more experience, I might be able to sustain the winnings
    • cgoldie
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      Your the backwards man, your lines are the wrong way round o.0
    • farbwenz
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      But if I turn it around, my winrate becomes negative:(