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      Hi, my name is Leonardo. I am a 27yo biotech technician making a major degree now. I live in Quilmes, Argentina and I have been playing here for a while. I am single and I live in an appartment given by my parents.

      The cost of living here isn't THAT high but if you don't have a dollar in your pocket it can be hell. I am trying to make some serious money with poker. With 500$ a month I can rent some small appt near the university and move there. I have been a researcher for 4 years and I love it but I need some way to get money.

      I started playing in Absolute Poker because of the huge quantity of freerolls they had in the past. I was able to play 4 freerolls at the same time without paying a dime and this way I won my first 10 dollars, of course they went back to absolute poker as fast as they came. I made another 17 bugs and I started playing NL25 with this, made 300 with those 17 dollars and started to play touraments. I made very good final positions and cashed over 800 in the course of a year playing once a week. Back then I was 24 and I quitted med school in order to start biotechnology.

      A guy in some forum introduced PS to me and I started playing in Full Tilt and Party Poker. Also in the last months I worked for Poker Strategy as a english-spanish translator and cashed some money out.

      Like 30 days ago I started a small journal on the spanish forum and now I am posting it right here on the english one.

      I mainly play SnG in Full Tilt and I am looking forward to play MTT in the future.

      Those are my first games after the middle year tests. I have been in control by not playing any poker at all for the last 6 days :P

      Today at the tables. Day 16 (4th of July - 2008 ):
      Investment: 18.00$
      Winnings: 21.60$
      Earnings: 3.60$
      ROI of Day 16: 20,00%

      From the beginning (110 games):
      Total Investment: 256,50$
      Total Winnings: 371,50$
      Total Earnings: 133,00$
      Accumulated ROI: 51,85%

      Bankroll in Full Tilt: 163,70$ (+3,60$)

      So far my achievements are :

      I went a step ahead and started playing 2$ + 0,25$ instead of the 1,25$ ones in Full Tilt poker and my bankroll there is +128,10$ total.
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      Hey Biglion,

      Very nice introduction! Good to see you also starting to Blog here - looks like you've been doing pretty well for yourself!

      Good luck at the tables!
      Best regards,
    • Biglion
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      This is from yesterday: I played poker like a donkey. Tried to fix my game and I wasnt able. I was on tilt. Lucky me a friend of mine was watching my tables and told me to quit and made me realize I was completely TILTED...

      Yesterday at the table: Day 18 (6th of July - 2008 ):
      Investment: 27.00$
      Winnings: 25.20$
      Earnings: -1.80$
      ROI of Day 18: -6,66%

      From the beginning (126 games):
      Total Investment: 292,50$
      Total Winnings: 405,70$
      Total Earnings: 131,20$
      Accumulated ROI: 44,85%

      Bankroll in Full Tilt: 161,90$ (-1,80$)
    • Biglion
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      Today, I started the day well. My health has improved (god I played oh so many mmorpgs that sometimes I feel like speaking in one of them)...

      Anyway, I was sick, I caught a cold in the university. Now I am fine and back at the tables.

      So far this day have been great besides of the lag. I played laggy all the day long. I really don't know what happened with my connecion. I have 3Mb cable and it was laggy? WTF?

      Well, the point is that I won and I am very happy.

      I am trying to get 220$ asap to start playing on the 5,50$.

      Today at the tables. Day 19 (6th of July - 2008 ):
      Investment: 18.00$
      Winnings: 30.60$
      Earnings: 12.60$
      ROI of Day 19: 70,00%

      From the beginning (134 games):
      Total Investment: 310,50$
      Total Winnings: 443,50$
      Total Earnings: 133,00$
      Accumulated ROI: 46,31%

      Bankroll in Full Tilt: 174,50$ (+12,60$)

      Finally, those are my short and long term goals:
      Advance to 2$ + .25$ SnGs at Full Tilt with 40 buy-ins :spade:
      Release the initial bonus of 50$ at Party Poker :spade:
      Advance to 5$ + .50$ SnGs at Full Tilt with 50 buy-ins (working on it)
      Liberar los 100$ de bono en Party Poker
      Advance to 10$ + 1$ SnGs at Full Tilt with 60 buy-ins
      Withdrawing 400$ to buy a nice 22'' monitor
      Withdrawing 250$ to buy a pretty good video card (HD4850)
      Advance to 20$ + 2$ SnGs at Full Tilt with 70 buy-ins

      Hope you guys enjoy this blog, its always a pleasure surfing this forum.