Technical Support needed!!!

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      Once more I am coming back to this great community for help.

      I am facing a problem with my holdem manager recently and I would like your help.

      The error I get is "Holdem manager has encountered an internal SQL error" and I dont know how to fix this.

      I am suspecting that this is because I accidentaly created a new alias with the name "107e5" and then I went to select a player and re select "107e5" which must be the alias I created.

      I emailed HM support and I got a reply with directions which I didnt manage to follow corrrectly. I will post their reply here as it may assist someone else to explain what I should do.

      I dont mine loosing my database as long as I get HM back!

      Their reply:

      If you want to clear the alias names from the recent alias list you can manually edit this information from the database however this should only be performed by experienced users as this could corrupt your database Please open PGAdminIII (Start - All Programs - PostgreSQL) Enter your pw (default is postgrespass, another common ones is dbpass) Open databases - DB name - schemas - public - Tables Choose settings, right click - data view Clear the value in the second row (current player) Restart HM2 PGAdmin info screen looks like this:
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