[NL20-NL50] [SH] NL50 anon, AJ

    • TetraQuark
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      $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Holdem
      6 Players
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      UTG ($53.41) 107bb
      UTG+1 ($48.50) 97bb
      Hero (CO) ($113.51) 227bb
      BTN ($71.29) 143bb
      SB ($50) 100bb
      BB ($15) 30bb

      Pre-Flop: ($0.75, 6 players) Hero is CO A J
      1 fold, UTG+1 calls $0.50, Hero raises to $2, 3 folds, UTG+1 calls $1.50

      Flop: J 9 5 ($4.25, 2 players)
      UTG+1 bets $2.25, Hero calls $2.25

      Turn: 2 ($8.75, 2 players)
      UTG+1 bets $3.50, Hero calls $3.50

      River: 3 ($15.75, 2 players)
      UTG+1 bets $6, Hero calls $6

      Final Pot: $27.75
      UTG+1 shows Q K Hero shows A J Hero wins $26.84 (net +$13.09) UTG+1 lost $13.25

      This is a friends hand, we can't settle if going for full value or bluffcatching is better in this spot.

      Villain is unknown, 2nd hand, he posted CO 1st hand.

      Pros for bluffcatching:
      -we don't scare our opponent away
      -we don't face 3b and possible tough decision on flop
      -we have position so we control the action if he goes passive on T

      Pros for vbetting:
      -huge amount of value esp. from draws and Jx
      -we control action on F&T, and get same value that we just might get by bluffcatching
      -we get value before "scarecards" hit

      Can we get the stacks in on flop vs this opponent in this case?
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    • getdotacom
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      I'd raise the flop, especially when he bets so small. Usually it's something like weak J or 9x. He won't fold it that easy.

      As played : Definitely raise that turn when he bets small. Same for the river.

      He won't 3bet the flop very often, he will call most likely. If he shoves, it sucks a little bit, but I'm calling. We just lose a lot of value by not raising the flop vs fish. It doesn't matter that much what we do when he 3bets because it will happen like 1/50 times.