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      Hey all - I'm looking for tips on building a healthy bankroll. I've started studying and playing poker seriously since around September and I've been quite successful. I usually come away with a decent profit in 1/1 cash cames and in November I've played 5 tournaments (15 euro buy in) and came 1st in three of them. The players I play against in these tournaments are regular players who also play bigger buy in tournaments and usually buy into cash games with 200-500 euro. I always dominate these players and I can see they don't like to get involved with me as they see me as very unpredictable as I constantly change my style and image.

      I'd like to challenge myself more at higher buy in tournaments and don't want to use too much of my own money to do this. My question is - what are the best strategies for building a healthy bankroll and what has worked best for you?
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      Hey there donalgreene,

      I believe this thread will benefit from a move to our Tournament Discussions section. Our resident expert will be with you shortly :)

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      Hey donalgreene and welcome to the tournament strategy board =)

      Imo the best way to build up a healthy bankroll is playing MTSNG's at Pokerstars. Namely the 90 and 180men turbo's.
      Alternatively I can recommend playing on smaller sites with lower player counts. For example Partypoker or Ipoker. The fewer players there are, the lower variance you may encounter. Therefore it's the best way to build up a solid bankroll without too heavy swings.

      For online tournaments I would recommend at least 250 average Buyins for smaller sites and 400 or more for tournaments. This is by no means conservative, but entirely necessary to avoid going broke due to variance.

      If you have any further questions feel free to ask! I would be happy to read more from you in the tournament strategy board in the future :)