Choosing correct MTT

    • ramadas
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      For satellites:

      My quick rule is how many seats are there and how many enrolled to receive percentage chance to be ITM.

      20 places and 78 enrolled is 25% chance and is better than
      1 place and 50 enrolled which gives 2 % chance

      same for prize money.

      Freerolls with 10 000 people are just insane and chance of ITM is very small.

      How do you choose your MTTs or SnG?
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    • Asaban
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      Well - in most cases the top 10% of a tournament receive payout. At maximum the top 15%. All big poker sites have similar payout structures. Therefore it's not a good way to choose your tournaments (you would have to choose all of them).

      I choose the tournaments that seem most profitable. In the end it's your personal taste. I pick a specific buyin range in which I play every tournament that starts on the big sites during my session time. In addition I normally add a few lower buyin turbo's/superturbo's/hyperturbo's since they are good for my hourly. Last but not least I add some big field tournaments below my buyin range like the Big11 since they seem most profitable.

      Hope I was able to help you :)

      If you have any further questions feel free to ask.