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Mid game STT play vs different opponents

    • biogas
      Joined: 22.07.2010 Posts: 413
      Wassup fellows,
      I found myself again on the unpleasant side of variance (or it's my "skill" is showing up at its glory), wanted to have some advice. So the situation: micro/low stake FR STT, mid game (5-7 players left), late position (BB and SB). So was wondering what default ranges and lines to take against 6 different opponents with 3 eff. stack sizes.
      Opponents (vpip/pfr):
      1. 70/35
      2. 35/25
      3. 50/5
      4. 15/13
      5. 10/8
      6. 15/3

      Eff. stacks:
      a) 11-15BB
      b)8-11 BB
      c)>8 BB

      And my thoughts:
      1a: keep tight (15%), push when dealt.
      1b: push 20%
      1c: push 30%

      2a, b and C same as 1.

      3a. Limp/stab SB, raise 20% BB, c-bet.
      3b. Limp/stab SB, push 30% BB
      3c. push 60%

      4a. mix limp/stab with minraise SB, and minraise 40% BB.
      4b. same as a.
      4c. push 60% SB, 40%BB.

      5a.minraise/fold ATC SB, 60% BB
      5b. Same as a
      5c. Push ATC SB, 60-70% BB

      6 same as 5.

      Let the discussion begin.
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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      You mean what hands we will push sitting in the SB vs different type of opponents for these eff. stack sizes? But, there is a difference between pushing for 11 bb and 15bb f.e. depending on the bb, you can still min raise/fold, mr/c or just push and every option could be optimal depending on what the game flow is and the hand we have. Also a big difference between pushing with 5 players left and doing so with 7 left. Stack set up is also a big factor, so I dont wanna generalize too much. Usually, vs regs for 8bb or less eff. I will push nash or similar. Looser in the beginning until they prove me they call nash. Vs spewtard, you better use sng wiz and put him on a calling range and adjust according to that, ICM tax could be crucial, so I dont wanna give defaulth ranges. FOR 8bb+ eff. you can limp/stab vs loose passive opponents f.e. you can minraise to induce aggro opponents, you can straight push unexlpoitable hands like Ax or K9s, many options.