Ready?.. I think so! From 20nl to 400nl

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      My Blog is going to be short with quick updates (every 5k hands) along with interesting hands from the sessions I play, in hopes of sparking any discussion.

      About me:I'm 24 years old and would love to play poker for a living someday instead of just a profitable hobby. I play live cash games in Atlantic City, but live in Maryland. I started playing poker when I was 19 in my first year of college.

      After messing around with Lock poker (the only site I can currently play on for real money in MD) for 10k hands, I've decided to take online seriously and jumped/ took as very aggressive shot at playing 20nl SH and have been running & playing very well.

      Goal: To climb from 20nl up to 400nl within a year.

      Information from PTR:

      Game: Hands: Net: PTBB/100 Rake: RB: Total:
      NL20 SH 5,173 $215 10.37 :D $122 $40 $255

      +13.5 BI

      I will take my shot at 50nl once I have 15 BI's ($750) on my online roll.
      Follow if you want to keep up with my journey to 400nl SH.
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      Good luck man! By the way, do you wanna play with agressive BR managment till 400 nl? :)
    • luckyme44
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      I think I will probably do something like

      15 BI- shot at 50nl
      15 - 100nl
      20- 200nl
      20- 400nl

      6-max 2-4 tables.. I really enjoy practicing hand reading and table dynamics, as well as, getting the most out of every session.. Playing 2-4 tables allows me to do this.
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      Good luck!
    • luckyme44
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      Hi PS community,

      I have been really focusing on improving my multi-tabling skills as well as further increasing my roll in the process. I'm able to 4 table 6max much better than I could before my last post.. I realized that this still wasn't an optimal situation for me due to a drastic drop in my winrate. I find that two tables is just fine for me.. I spend way too much time trying to get reads and watch player tendencies and the table dynamic..

      When playing too many tables I feel like I'm only getting paid off from a much simpler reciprocal strategy than I normally play. I love to get reads and catch players in obvious bluffs, knowing when to bet thin or for max... I suppose you could say I just love going with my reads. It's been working for me so far.

      I took a shot at some shallow 50NL tables today even though I'm slightly under rolled to do so I still did it with the mindset that if I lost 1-2 BIs then I'd get up.. I ended up making 3-4 BI's by making good reads 2 of which players had flush draws and went all in before the river.. 1 BI I hit a set of 55's and the maniac just check called my flop bet with Air oop and hit a 9 on the turn for....1 pair.. I jammed AllIn overtop his donk bet out and the villian still called..
      To sum it up.. I think I can now move up to 50nl SH after what I've seen today as long as I only play 1-2 tables max and select well. The reason behind taking the initial shot was that, 1) I was able to take the loss. 2) There were 3 well known Fish playing at that one 50nl table.. I had them labeled as 3 seperate species of fish lol (Donkey, Calling Station, Maniac).. The risk just seemed well worth the potential reward.

      I will stick with 50nl until I'm comfortably rolled for 100nl respectable 20 BI.. However I might choose to take a shot at 15BIs after I do a thorough review of the player pool.

      Thanks for reading, Sorry my blog isn't very well written or structured.. I kind of just want to write whats on my mind and maybe get some player insight, feedback, stories of your own trials and tribulations. Anything poker!

      Love you guys,