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    • Rahica
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      Hi guys ! Just thinking about this a few days ago and I wanted to ask your opinion about this. What do you think is the best way to increase your BR in the micros?
      For example: there are 4 players with the same skill and the same amount of money. One is playing SNG, another MTT, another ring games and another one HU.
      Who do you think will have $3000 first?
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    • DrDunne
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      really tough question.. i would love to say cash since that's what i play, but i have heard that SnGs are the quickest way to build a roll. on the other hand, you could bink your first MTT for £3k and it wouldn't be too surprising to hear.

      also, the skills you would develop from playing cash will be vastly different to those you gain through playing SnGs and MTTs. HU is just badass and in a whole other league imo :D

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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Whichever one works the hardest to improve ;)

      Unfortunately there is no easy way to consistently win money in poker. I would say though that HUSNGs are a nice way to build a bankroll relatively low variance and you learn A LOT about adapting to different types of players as well as picking up some sick hand reading skills.

      Which do you play by the way?

    • RasTweet
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      Hi Rahica!

      Like Carl and Lewis said there is no 'faster way'. It also depends a lot on variance! This video might be a huge eye opener. It was for me anyway.

      Just play the game that you enjoy the most I would say.

    • Rahica
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      Thanks for the answers guys !

      @RasTweet - Thanks for the video ! Didn't see it yet but I will check it out.

      @ExternalUseOnly - Currently I am playing 4 tables Zoom in PS, NL10 and gonna change to NL25 soon ( I hope :) ), but I've been playing also some MTT, a lot of SNG and some HU as well. You can check me out by my PS nickname: Lakatherinka

      @DrDunne It is a tough question and it's true that you can win $3000 in MTT but let's not talk about one hit wonders, otherwise I would have to change the sum to 300.000$ :) .