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    • bristolboy
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      Hi guys,

      My name is Ben and I play 6m turbo SnG's on Pokerstars, I am currently rebuilding my roll to get back to the $15 games after having to withdraw most of my roll for life expenses after a very slow summer work wise!
      I currently 9-10 table with view to getting up to 15+ ASAP as I'm starting to find 9-10 a bit slow.

      A bit about my poker "career": Have been playing for some years, won and lost a few grand after binking MTT's near the beginning and thinking I was good, when I wasn't. Realised I was a donk, signed up to DC, got taken on by Team Moshman for a 6month coaching contract, learned to not be a donk, focused on 6m turbos exclusively.

      I am really keen to get involved on forums a bit a more and be more active in the online poker community and meet more people to talk strat and hands with, so hopefully you will be seeing more posts from me in the not too distant future.

      Cheers :)
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    • gadget51
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      Good man Ben, glad to see you getting active on the forums and welcome to the community!

      I can sympathise at having to withdraw it always sucks when you're forced to do it I know.

      However, on the plus side you obviously know what you're about so hopefully you won't be long getting it built up again. :)

      I expect I'm preaching to the converted but just in case, make sure you abuse the hand evaluation forums with lots of problem hands! Our hand judges are awesome and will answer all you've got. :s_cool:

      Best regards and if you need any further iformation or have more questions, just fire away ok?

      Have fun,

    • bristolboy
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      Hi Mal,
      Thanks for the welcome, yea I need to make sure I get involved on the forums, I tend to do most of my HH reviews an discussion via skype if I'm honest, do you guys have a pokerstrategy.com skype room or anything?

    • MrMardyBum
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      Hey Ben,

      Just down the M4 in Swindon here. Good luck with the rebuild :)

    • bristolboy
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      cheers mate, havent been to swindon in aaagggeess, not really much need to go there hehe

      also here the link for my blog

      ma blog