[NL2-NL10] [SH-NL10] AQo tptk V PS donk OTF

    • gxtwo
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      Seat 1 is the button
      Seat 1: Player1 ( €19.51 EUR ) - VPIP: 13, PFR: 12, 3B: 3, AF: 1.5, Hands: 210
      Seat 3: Player3 ( €9.33 EUR ) - VPIP: 31, PFR: 8, 3B: 3, AF: 2.0, Hands: 90
      Seat 5: Player5 ( €26.28 EUR ) - VPIP: 19, PFR: 16, 3B: 5, AF: 2.7, Hands: 2549
      Seat 6: Hero ( €10.00 EUR ) - VPIP: 25, PFR: 21, 3B: 8, AF: 3.1, Hands: 68954
      Player3 posts small blind [€0.05 EUR].
      Player5 posts big blind [€0.10 EUR].

      Prima, $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 4 Players
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      BTN: $19.51 (195.1 bb)
      SB: $9.33 (93.3 bb)
      BB: $26.28 (262.8 bb)
      Hero (CO): $10 (100 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is CO with Q A
      Hero raises to $0.30, BTN folds, SB calls $0.25, BB folds

      Flop: ($0.70) 3 Q 4 (2 players)
      SB bets $0.70, Hero calls $0.70

      Turn: ($2.10) J (2 players)
      SB checks, Hero checks

      River: ($2.10) 9 (2 players)
      SB checks, Hero bets $0.55, SB raises to $1.35, Hero calls $0.80

      FLOP: pretty cautious of his pot size donk, thoughts where, he has a monster (33, 44) or SD/GS (A5, A2, 56, 67, 57) perhaps PPs he turns into bluffs (55-TT)

      Qx hands i think would x and allow me to cbet. donking just looks WA/WB. dont think he donks a medium made hand.

      TURN: decided to go for pot control, would be abit ugly if he X/R us here. Dont know if should have bet for value vs SDs? personally i prefer to play it safe.

      RIVER: think he never has Qx here when he checks into us, given his flop and turn actions.

      i chose to make a small value bet, I dont know what hands would call this but i think it induces alot of bluffs Vs missed draws and his weak PPs. easy call? or is this just a trap alot of the time?
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    • mbml
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      Hi gxtwo,

      Flop: I agree with you here. If he had bet smaller I would have considered raising. But call is fine here and certainly standard esp when board texture is dry.

      Turn: I don't see how you can check here. AQ completely crushes his range so I would bet Turn and bet River.

      I think if he checkraises us we have a really easy fold cos most people don't take this line as a bluff or with weak hands. With that said, I'm not going to worry about something which happens <10% of the time.

      River: You definitely have value betting way larger. I don't really like your small bet because you missed out on so much value.

      As played, you have to call the raise after inducing. A lot of the value from block-betting is that you may be able to induce some bluffs (unless he's ultra passive).