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FTP traffic

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    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162

      I hope you don't mind, I've moved this to the correct board.

    • NightFrostaSS
      Joined: 25.10.2008 Posts: 5,255
      They'd have to do some changes first in order to revive. Kicking affiliates was a poor decision by them imo. Affiliates and other rooms are promoting against FTP now and offering great deals while FTP doesn't really have anything to offer to counter that besides better software.
    • Krishjanis
      Joined: 04.01.2010 Posts: 977
      Originally posted by NightFrostaSS
      Kicking affiliates was a poor decision by them
      I'm only playing on FTP because of Deal me in bonus, so when that runs out, I'm out.
    • pokerski
      Joined: 05.05.2010 Posts: 857
      6th november was the biggest event in poker for year 2012. They had a great chance to come back with a big boom! but they made a huge mistake going from 27% RB to shitty EDGE.

      I believe players liked FTP mostly because of their insta 27% rb and other RB stuff, no mater how much you played and not their software.

      Now with all that bonuses in game there are no games at $20+ buy-ins SNGs. You need 1h at low traffic hours to fill 8 tables $10 buy-ins games.

      When I clear deal me in bonus I am probably gone. No players and mostly playing reg vs reg.

      To bed they fucked up their momentum for them and players.

      Every poker player knew about 6th november.
    • Tim64
      Joined: 02.11.2008 Posts: 8,028
      Party poker has lower traffic than FTP. That doesn't mean Party is not a profitable business.

      Traffic is largely irrelevant when considered in a vacuum. All that matters is traffic+deposits vs costs of running the site.

      For FTP to survive, they have to keep deposits coming in and keep their costs under control. Whether they will manage it, I have no idea. :)
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,026
      They dealt me in and now I've cashed out :)

      EDIT: I've noticed traffic has dipped quite substantially the last number of mornings. Most likely people have finished their DMI and are now outta there