[NL2-NL10] NL10 FR Pocket 9s in multiway pot

    • vilku
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      KPoker Room skin
      Pot Limit Holdem Ring game
      Blinds: $0.05/$0.10
      10 players

      Known players:
      MP1: $9.68
      MP2: $11.17
      Hero: $9.42
      CO: $1.85
      BU: $10.36
      SB: $1.90
      BB: $21.16

      Hero is MP3 with 9 9
      Pre-flop: (10 players)
      3 folds, MP1 calls, MP2 calls, Hero raises to $0.6, 3 folds, BB calls, MP1 calls, MP2 folds.

      Flop: 2 T 3 ($1.95, 3 players)
      BB checks, MP1 bets $0.5, Hero raises to $1.5, BB folds, MP1 calls.

      Turn: 6 ($4.95, 2 players)
      MP1 checks, MP3 checks.

      River: K ($4.95, 2 players)
      MP1 bets $2, Hero folds.
      Uncalled bets: $2 returned to MP1.

      Final pot: $4.95

      1) Should i raise preflopa gainst two limpers?
      2) What do you think about MP1`s bet on the flop and my raise?
      3) Should i bet turn to show strengt and take the pot down?
      4) Should i call river bet?
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    • swissmoumout
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      According to the SHC, you should just call with 99 in middle/late position with 1 or more call in front.
      On the flop: unless you have a read that villain often donks small with air, it's better not to raise (and even if you do, raising isn't a very good line imo) . Here you can either fold, or better, call the small bet and re-evaluate on the turn. When he checks, then just check behind for pot control and a cheap showdown; you don't want to play a big pot with just middle pair.
      To answer #4, yes you can call such a small bet since he'll often show a small pair or even air.
    • Thorsten77
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      see swissmoumout