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    • Llama11
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      Thanks guys from PS,i just recive my free 50$ at Mansion :P past like 3 days.I wanted to ask because i forgot ,how many poits i have to make to redeem the pending 50$ bonus ? and if in meen time i play at mansion poker,could i sign-up for a free bankroll at pokerstars to ? thanks ,now i'm back to reading again the articles and trying to donwload the software (elephant) i'm my way up to bronze level :D
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello Llama11,

      Good to hear the money arrived and that you are studying the literature ;)

      You should be bronze as soon as the next Mansion lists arrive. As for the pending bonus it is cleared in the following fashion:

      150 MPP - $8 Bonus
      300 MPP - $10 Bonus
      400 MPP - A ticket for a $20+$2 Tournament
      500 MPP - $12 Bonus
      750 MPP - $15 Bonus
      1.000 MPP - $20 Bonus
      1.500 MPP - $35 Bonus

      You cannot receive starting capital at multiple sites though - so play carefully with your Mansion bankroll and stick to the bankroll management.

      Best regards,