partypoker bonus question

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      Hi guys,

      I've just got a bonus offer of which " Released in 5 equal installments of 20.0% of deposit amount. Each installment is issued when:
      Each installment is issued when:
      Standard Points = 3.2 times the bonus amount on "

      does it means in order to release all $100 bonus, I have to get 320 PARTYPOINTS from playing poker to clear all of it (thats 64 each installments x5)?

      another question, if I still have another bonus that hasn't been cleared, does it get overwritten or they stack?
      that means
      1. am I clearing BOTH bonus at the same time
      2. am I clearing only 1 bonus at once time and I have to earn the points separately to clear both
      3. the older bonus get overwritted and only the latest bonus is valid

      Thanks for answer
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