Moving Up to $22 SnGs?

    • Spidey1978
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      Last time I played I finally raised my bankroll so I'd have enough to play $22 SnGs. The question is even though I have the BR should I move up?

      I have only played a little under 600 $11 Sngs and my ROI is not amazing at only 5%. But for about 450 of those games I was playing way too tight in the SB since I have loosened up I am averaging a ROI of 25% (last 150ish SnG's).

      Here is a graph of my progress

      Is it worth waiting til I have played at least 1000 SnGs at $11 so I know with a bit more certainty if I am a winning player or should I jump in to the $22 games and see what happens. Or can I compromise and play half and half (I normally play 4 tables at a time cos Titan software is crap for multi tabling).

      Anybody got any sugestions? Is the game at $22 much different to the $11?
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    • cannell555
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      I cant comment on any off your questions tbh.

      I have played 110 $22 SnG's on titan and i'm running at a roi of 24%. The play is the same as the $11's imo. Approaching the push/fold, these guys are awful. There is only about 5-6 regular players. I am playing a mixture of the $22's and $33's as the table's only open once every 10 minutes or so. All the regulars I see, all play a mixture of the 2 BI's. The level of play is exactly the same imo.

      I also was wondering if playing a mixture is an okay thing to do. Look out in the next few days, i'll be making a thread asking alot of questions about verious things. Mostly about stats.

    • Spidey1978
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      I went for it and so far......
's going really well. Admittedly I have only played 12 games at the $22 but so far have a ROI% of nearly 55%, which is nice. Games do seem at least as easy as $11 maybe even easier - the biggest drawback so far is how slowly the tables fill up - but still can get 4 up and running within about 10-15 mins so not too bad.

      Anyway - wish me good hands.