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  • 3 replies
    • madorjan
      Joined: 13.11.2009 Posts: 5,561
      Given that they are usually top-heavy, you can play them like a cash game. The main difference is going to be in the player pool (lot of MTT players, also players who'll overadjust to the fact it's MTT), but that's standard adjusting. Around the FT you may start to worry about ICM.
    • JLeitmotiv
      Joined: 02.01.2009 Posts: 756
      Nah, just play standard. I think one should consider ICM slightly as well, mostly in the final table and such, but in this levels it's too much. You just bet your top pair and get called down by an unimproved gs.
    • datsmahname
      Joined: 23.11.2009 Posts: 1,366
      ICM is one consideration I haven't worked on because I don't play tournaments...
      ...but theres one thing we know for sure from a cash game background:

      As stack depth decreases below 12BB's the pot sizes we play on average decrease in size. The blinds gradually make up more and more of the average pot size. This means we should gradually increase our range size as stack depth decreases. Basically you can enter the pot more loosely because the money you invest will make up less and less of average equity. Working out exact numbers means we would need some big samples to analyze.