Hyper HU SnG's 3bet play

    • bigfl0p
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      Hey guys, i have some questions about 3betting in hyper turbo HU SnG's, any information is appreciated.

      Ok, i play 7s on stars, have been for a while now- about 2k games break even =///, was reasonable winner at 3.5s. anyway i think a big leak in my game is 3 bet play from the big blind.

      i often find myself not knowing what to do with hands like K9, Q10s etc.. which are too strong to flat a minraise and to weak to 3bet call. obviously when the blinds are up to 25/50+ its probly a shove but in the 10/20 blind levels with 20-25bb stacks i find myself not know what to do. If i raise to 90/100 and get shoved on, i call and 90% of the time they have Ax or have me dominated, but then 3 bet folding is just giving away too many chips. Flatting is an option but i hate playing pots out of position with a reasonably strong hand without the preflop betting lead.

      Any advice regarding 3 bet play would be good
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, bigfl0p.
      SnG wiz and ICM explorer to answer all these questions. Basically, you need to re-steal looser vs players who will have a big gap between their raise/calling range. That means regs in most cases. If a fish 30/22 with 30% btn steal, raises BTN for 20bb eff. , I wouldn't be tempted to shove QTo f.e. as he will likely to call many Ax, small pockets, KQ type of hands etc.

      Vs somebody who re-steals you a lot, you should:
      -raise tighter
      -widen up your raise/calling range

      What ranges you should 3bet and what range you should fold is very player/dynamic dependent and I don't wanna give you many general advices.

      Just use SnG wiz, use ICM explorer, play around with them and adjust accordingly. That's the best thing to do.