PS150 or PSVIP on mansion

    • sjohnsen
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      I registered on Mansion poker with PS150 as referral code because the picture on says so.
      But I noticed afterward that the description says PSVIP. Does both work or did I fuck up?

      If both don't work it should be fixed so both picture and description shows the same.

      I'm also wondering if I can get Strategypoints from pokersites, like full tilt were I'm already registered and haven't used the referralcode.

      Thanks in advance:)
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello sjohnsen,

      Thank you for catching that. As for your question the PS150 bonus is the correct one when signing up for the starting capital ($50 + $100 bonus). The link to that one is actually here:

      The link you pasted is for signing up for the first deposit bonus.

      As for existing Poker accounts - there is sadly nothing we can do for most platforms. Exceptions are Titan Poker, Betfair and I believe Unibet where re-tracking is possible. For this you should contact our support via the Ticket system (

      Best regards