AK vrs 23

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      i recently got dealt AK 2 places after the big blind and stuck in a 3x bet pre flop it was fold round to the guy sittin next to me after the big blind who flat called. so im think im a head even if he had a small pair i still like my AK on the flop. so the flop comes out AQ5 rainbow and he checks it over to me. so iv top pair top kick so im bettin but i kinda wanted him to call so i bet 3/4 of the pot and he instent calls. so out come another A. he bets half the pot so im think what he has, a low A, AQ AJ AT or low pockets maybe the flush draw he got on the turn. of these hand im only afraid of the AQ or A5 so i run triugh his chance of haven them nd am pretty sure he doesnt have ider maybe he has the flush draw so i want to take it down here so i trow in a pot bet which is 3/4 of what he has left and agian he flat calls. so out come a 4 on the river no flush out there so im thinkin im ahead thinkin if he was chacen the flush he had no A in his hand. he shoves all in so i take a min to look an think agian about what he might have, conviced he was just chacen the flush wit at best a KQ which i have domnated at this point i see the straight and discard it right off by the bets he was callin and call him. and low and behold he shows 23 off suit given him the 5 high straight. what was goin through his head playn that hand to the river like i know fortune favours the brave and all that but that was fourtune favouring the stupid how can u compete against shit like that. can any out there tell me, was it me did i do something rong or was it jus some lucky fish on a winning streak??
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