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    • IAmLengend
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      I have been waiting paiently over the last 6 day after having some trouble with the bonus codes,I finally got it correct and now have been waiting 6 days.Im just wondering if someone could please check my status and try get this sorted.I have sent numerous ammounts of ticket and the response i get is"please wait until your start capital to Titan is transferred." but Ive been waiting 6 days. I just want to knowwhat the hold up is anyways i will appreciate any help.
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello IAmLengend,

      As far as I can see our support has already transfered the starting capital to Titan and it is now in the hands of Titan to process it and assign it to your account. I am not sure where the waiting period came from - but all you can do at the moment is be patient and wait.

      Theoretically it should be there soon (perhaps the weekend played into extending the usual waiting period a bit).

      Best regards,