Bad beats -- hand evaluators, I hope I posted correctly !!

    • hasugamer
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      1st hand:

      I had KK, one player raised from early, I reraised and then another player reraised again. We both called since that is the limit (3-bet)

      The flop brings: 8 7 8 rainbow board

      the player who raised last bets, the one next to act just called and i reraised with my KK and both called

      my notes: since there was a lot of raising before the flop i didnt put anyone on a set or quads or stuff like this (but i have seen players play funky hands so i raised to see where i am at... I did put one of them on A K and the other one on a pocket pair lower than mine such as queens)

      The turn: Ace

      All 3 of us check...

      my notes: now when we all checked here i was pretty sure i had the best hand on the river, sincer the table didnt have any possible flush... and eventhough the straight was possible I didnt put anyone on a straightdraw because the way the hand was played...

      The river: 9

      the player who bet first on the flop check, the one next to him bet and i called, i didnt want to raise anymore because i wasnt sure where i was at anymore... and the other player called aswell

      at the end they had: pocket Queens and A2o :| and the A2o won... it was a bad beat i guess but how can i avoid this if i encounter it again ? or how can i deal with it better ?


      Second hand:

      I had K4 clubbs, and i was in Big blind... there were no raises and 4 players called

      Flop brings: Qd 10c 9c

      Well I bet because I had the second nut flushdraw and I follow the pokerstrategy chart so that's what I did, 2 players called and 1 folded

      The turn: 5c (I made my flush)

      I bet, 1 called, 1 raised after me...
      I reraised, 1 folded, and the other reraised again
      I called

      The river: Ad

      I thought there is a chance of him having the nuts but I sort of didnt give him credit
      So i bet, he raised and I called... and he had A2c ....

      Again, how can I read better or let go of the 2nd nuts... or any suggestions to how can I improve my game..
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      It is the wrong forum. Here is one correct place: Yohans whinery

      /Johan = :f_confused:
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      Hi, I think these are standard bad beats and to answer your question:

      Originally posted by hasugamer
      how can i deal with it better ?
      play the next hand.

      Originally posted by hasugamer
      Again, how can I read better or let go of the 2nd nuts...
      I'm not very good at it either, it depends a lot on the opponent, but considering the board, most of the time he'll have a delayed straight/weaker flush or even a set and rarely the nuts so I'd put even more action on the river versus a more aggressive opponent.