PokerStars 2013 VIP Club Changes

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      New Monthly VIP status & rewards: ChromeStar

      A new monthly VIP status named ChromeStar will be introduced, between the BronzeStar and SilverStar VIP statuses.

      The monthly VIP Player Point (VPP) requirement to achieve or maintain ChromeStar VIP status is 100 VPPs.

      ChromeStar VIPs will have all the same rewards and benefits as BronzeStar VIPs, plus free entry to the new VIP $5,000 Weekly Tournament and access to 100K Privilege Freerolls. These freerolls will also be available to SilverStar and higher VIPs.

      Decreased VIP status Requirements for SilverStar and GoldStar

      • The monthly requirement to achieve and maintain SilverStar VIP status will be decreased to 500 VPPs. This represents a 33% drop from the previous requirement of 750 monthly VPPs.

      • The monthly requirement to achieve and maintain GoldStar VIP status will be decreased to 2,500 VPPs. This represents a 17% drop from the previous requirement of 3,000 monthly VPPs.

      VIP Club Hall of Fame: Expanded Lifetime Rewards

      The VIP Club already presents players who earn 5,000,000 lifetime VPPs with customized TAG Heuer watches.

      This program has now been expanded to include the following benefits:

      • At 5,000,000 lifetime VPPs, players become part of the VIP Club Hall of Fame. An engraved TAG Heuer watch will be presented to them at a PokerStars Live Event, for example, the PCA or a VIP Club Live party. In addition, they will receive live English language support over instant messenger from senior PokerStars staff.

      • At 10,000,000 lifetime VPPs, PokerStars will create an experience unique to the player who has earned it. The player will also be provided with a cell phone number to call senior PokerStars staff for urgent issues.
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