reg. speed / turbo HU SnG

    • MikesekCZE
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      There is a lot of info on heads up hypers, but what about turbo or reg. speed variant??

      BRM?? right now I am using 20BI brm , is that enough?

      how big is the variance here? So far it feels like it is the least swingy format I played, but I couldn't find any article about this....

      also what ROI to expect?

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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, Mike!

      Well, it's hard to say about the ROI. The better you are, the more ROI you'll have. BRM also depends on your estimated ROI as the bigger it is, the less swingy the games will be for you. I would say that starting with 30BI for normal speed should be good enough on the micros. Ceiling is higher in HU SNG, which is a plus, swings should be smaller, which comes with a smaller BR needed as well. But most important thing is for you to be able to beat them. I would go turbo over reg speed almost all the time. Hourly rate will be much higher, although so would be the variance.