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    • grvboy
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      hy i am new here and i will start my HU cash career on william hill poker under the poker strategy training .i wait for now the free money and then ill deposit some 20E too and start from 2nlHU.
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    • DrDunne
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      hi grvboy! and welcome to pokerstrategy.

      i hope you've looked into the rake amount at nl2 HU.. i'm pretty sure the rake is huuuuge at HU nl2 to at least nl20.

      that said i played some nl2 HU there and people were LOLbad so i didn't even look at the rake :D good luck and run well!

    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hey :)

      Good to see which game type you know you want to play but as Lewis said the rake is ridiculously high at 2nl so your winrate needs to be exceptionally high to beat it in the long run, usually it's not advised to play heads up cash games until at least 50nl. HU sit n gos however are a great way to start playing HU from the lowest levels and they teach you some great skills like hand reading and how to adapt to different opponents and could be a great way for you to build a bankroll it's up to you of course but i think HU sngs would be a lot more beatable than HU cash for you right now at these stakes

      Maybe you could start a blog about it?

      Good luck