what currency should i use

    • DONgreat
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      hi there
      i have moneybookers in GBP
      the poker room i want to play on has GBP USD or Euro
      should i use GBP even though all the games are in USD (ipoker)

      im thinking i wont lose money on depsosits and withdrawals through moneybookers giving me bad exchange rates but on the negative side the games in dollars will end up costing me more to play due to the ipoker pound to dollr exchange rate

      what do you think? any moderators answers would be welcome
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    • TJtheTJ
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      If converting the currency at all costs you money, it would be better to just use USD. I personally don't see much of a point in using GBP when there's a fee for converting this to USD.

      So imo you should just use USD.
    • DONgreat
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      no no sorry
      you dont understand its my fault

      1) i use usd (my moneybookers is pounds) when i deposit in USD i will lose some money due to moneybookers giving me bad pound to dollr rate. I will lose money when i withdraw due to moneybookers giving me a bad dollar to pound excahnge rate

      2) i use GBP i dont lose any money withdrawing and depositing but when i play games that are in USD the ipoker room converts my gbp to dollar when i register (so i get a bd rate so games cost me more to play BUT i get the same exchange rate back if i win money from the game)
    • martoman2k10
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      Why use moneybookers in GBP?!

      Set it all to USD. Problem solved.

      As far as I know (I may be wrong), moneybookers offer a one time currency change. So you can change GBP to USD. Fair enough if you're in the UK you're still gonna lose money through conversion to your bank acc which will be in pounds, but this won't happen as often as you deposit/withdraw from poker rooms.

      hope this helped