[NL20-NL50] 20 nl heads-up

    • tigre88
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      Seat 3: TheBestForMe ($21 in chips)
      Seat 8: Tigre88 ($92,15 in chips)

      Tigre88: posts small blind $0,10
      TheBestForMe: posts big blind $0,20

      Dealt to Tigre88 [9c,9d]
      Tigre88: raises to $0,60
      TheBestForMe: raises to $2
      Tigre88: calls $1,40

      *** FLOP *** [7s,Js,9s]
      TheBestForMe: bets $2
      Tigre88: raises to $6
      TheBestForMe: calls $4

      *** TURN *** [Tc]
      TheBestForMe: checks
      Tigre88: bets $13,60
      TheBestForMe: is all in $13
      Tigre88: returns uncalled bet $0,60
      TheBestForMe: shows [5s 8s]
      Tigre88: shows [9c 9d]

      *** RIVER *** [7c]

      Is this obvious call or should we consider a flush? Opponent was very passive and played 89% of his hands.
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    • mbml
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      Hi tigre88.

      Your hand is really strong on the Flop. Def raising to get stacks in on all blank Turn cards. If he ships Flop I'm more than happy to call it off, expecting to be up against overpairs or something like the Ace of Spade.

      As played, I prefer to check the Turn, I think he could have a straight really often. Then we call all pairing rivers, fold on spades, and consider calling blanks like the 2 of hearts.