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4bet pots

    • mkjmkjmkj
      Joined: 05.02.2012 Posts: 159
      lets say you 4bet a hand like maybe AK or TT on the BU vs a wide 3better to get it in if he 5bets and your 4bet gets called 100bb deep

      what is your plan postflop on different board textures if he bets or checks to you?

      its a situaition where you almost never has a samplesize or information to know what villain do this with or how he will play postflop.
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    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,779
      If you don't know what to do...

      bet on most flops with 40% pot
      C/f on hyper coordinated boards like JT8
      Consider giving up with air on 2 broadway boards like QTX

      QX hands are most common calling hands in 4b pots so on Flops like QQX, I just pot control most of my range here including AA.
    • mkjmkjmkj
      Joined: 05.02.2012 Posts: 159
      what about more dry boards it sucks to to fold AK if he bluffs AQ
      on a board like
      vs a range of JJ QQ AQ and lets say he calls the 4bet with slowplayed AA KK 50% of the time
      then we have 50% equity