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    • Nicko00
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      While I know this isn't a bad beat per say I constantly find myself in these positions on PKR. I play conservatively enough and then I get done. I am not in profit on PKR and it's because of these sort of hands preventing me from finishing high ITM in tournos. This is the last hand I played in The Outback Primetime $20 tourney this morning. I was bubble position at the time and "spookman22" was first player in payouts i.e 9th. Sorry my forum/poker lingo isn't great :( . He probably shouldn't of entered the hand as you'll see below.

      I was wondering is there any poker strategy members who consistently make money out of PKR as I think the standard there is awful, even if you have to put up with the most intolerable regs I've ever seen. Saying "LOL" when anyone including themselves gets an unlucky bad beat....
      I'm in college and don't have time for a job (had to give one up for study) but I think I'm decent at poker and I wouldnt mind trying to make a litle bit of cash on the side. Cant really grind out SnGs or cash tables, just one or two max tourneys while I study!

      Username below is Lilwetser10

      ryndngrfld posts ante of 25
      greendaz posts ante of 25
      killco posts ante of 25
      plactuk posts ante of 25
      General4bet posts ante of 25
      spookman22 posts ante of 25
      Lilwetser10 posts ante of 25
      Pot sizes: 175
      General4bet posts small blind (150)
      spookman22 posts big blind (300)
      Dealing Cards
      Dealing [T c][T h] to Lilwetser10
      ryndngrfld: nh
      Lilwetser10 raises to 900
      ryndngrfld folds
      greendaz: ty
      greendaz folds
      killco folds
      plactuk folds
      General4bet calls 900
      spookman22 calls 900
      Pot sizes: 2,875
      Dealing Flop [3 s][3 h][9 c]
      General4bet bets 3,303 (all-in)
      spookman22 has requested more time
      spookman22 is using the time bank
      spookman22 has 26 seconds remaining in the time bank
      spookman22 calls 3,303
      Lilwetser10 raises to 8,395 (all-in)
      spookman22 calls 8,395
      Pot sizes: 12,784
      Pot sizes: 10,184
      General4bet shows [J s][A h]
      spookman22 shows [3 d][Q c]
      Lilwetser10 shows [T c][T h]
      Dealing Turn [2 h]
      Pot sizes: 12,784
      Pot sizes: 10,184
      Dealing River [3 c]
      Pot sizes: 12,784
      Pot sizes: 10,184
      Lilwetser10 has Full House, 3s over Tens
      spookman22 has Four of a Kind: 3s
      spookman22 wins 10,184 from side pot #1 with: Four of a Kind: 3s
      ryndngrfld: looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
      Lilwetser10: joke
      spookman22 wins 12,784 with: Four of a Kind: 3s
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    • IngridN
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      Hey Nick00,

      I've moved your thread to the relevant board, I hope you don't mind.
      Are you only playing on PKR currently? how come you're bronze?

    • Nicko00
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      Hey Ingrid,

      That's fine thanks. I Had a lot of accounts before signing up with pokerstrategy and my room of choice was partypoker at the time and I'm not the biggest fan of their software. I'd love access to higher level articles and resources, is there any way of tracking these accounts I had pre-pokerstrategy? I know pokerstars isn't eligible anyway!

    • IngridN
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      Hey again,

      Thanks for the quick reply. Normally re-tracking is not allowed by any poker room.

      However, if you use skype we can discuss what other options you have in order to benefit all our promotions/rakeback offers and study articles/videos and coachings. :)

      my skype is: feel free to add me please.

      looking forward