Moving to HU-Hypers?

    • Krist2ps
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      Hey, so I'm considering moving from mtsngs to HU-Hypers and my question is - what should I expect from HU game as I never played them? Is it possible to climb up from micros pretty fast and at one point play them for living? How about volume, ROI, BRM? And what about multitabling?

      The reason why Im considering this is that I can't put enough volume in mtsngs because can't sit in front of computer more than 2h straight. I need at least 30min break after that. And CG is out of the question, there is no fun in them for me.

      I can give it a try starting with 100-150$ BR.

      Any advice?

      Thank you already :f_cool:
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    • kurrkabin
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      around 150BI should be fine for micro Hypers almost always imo, but make sure you have a good preparation before. Hypers give higher ceiling, higher volume, and yes- you can climb them up quickly and play them for a living if you do a good job.

      -improve your postflop
      -improve your endgame-push/fold and steal-resteal with shallow stack sizes(very important)
      -don't go too far playing 5-6 tables in the beginning or so, start with 2 and try to get use to the game
      -post hands in our HU evaluation forum
      -watch videos about HU on our site, I think all that will be helpful for you

    • bjela
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      I'd like to add a few things.

      First, if you are solid preflop, you'll crush even the low stakes (15s, maybe even the 30s) with only the basic knowledge of postflop game.
      Play only 1 table, 2 is too many for a beginner. I've been playing them for 6 months, and I'm still 1-tabling.

      You should start on the lowest limit (1.5$), and play a few thousand games. Then, once you have solid fundamentals, you'll be able to move up quickly with more aggressive BRM, and keep improving while doing that.
    • Krist2ps
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      Thank you!
      Yesterday played around 50 HU hypers just to check out this type of game and to be honest, I really loved them, so much fun. :f_biggrin:

      Now need to learn hand charts of BB preflop/postflop and SB preflop/postflop play.