[NL2-NL10] Bottom set, huge overbetshove turn

    • cozacu
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      $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Holdem
      6 Players
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      UTG ($6.19) 62bb
      cozacu (UTG+1) ($15.06) 151bb
      CO ($5) 50bb
      BTN ($11.44) 114bb
      SB ($9.85) 99bb
      BB ($21.31) 213bb

      Pre-Flop: ($0.15, 6 players) cozacu is UTG+1 2:club: 2:heart:
      UTG calls $0.10, cozacu calls $0.10, CO checks, 1 fold, SB calls $0.05, BB checks

      Flop: 2:diamond: A:club: 7:club: ($0.35, 5 players)
      SB bets $0.10, 1 fold, UTG calls $0.10, cozacu raises to $1, 1 fold, SB calls $0.90, UTG folds

      Turn: Q:diamond: ($2.35, 2 players)
      SB checks, cozacu goes all-in $13.96, SB goes all-in $8.75

      River: 7:heart: ($19.85, 2 players, 2 all-in)

      villain SB 75/5 af 0.9 hands 60

      Today was nuts, so was I, pretty much sick of being rivered.

      Here villain is a huge a** whale, and i directly shoved the turn, because i think he doesn't care... if i bet pot he`ll call, if i overbet shove he`ll still probably call with any FD,two pair or maybe when he`s in the mood for donating even AX.

      Was overbet shoving fine on turn vs him? Or i just wanted to punish him... all jokes aside, was overbet shoving here good for maximizing value, or i should simply go with 3/4 and pot size bets?
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    • holmeboy
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      I don't really like it... Would prefer to pot turn and river and play for stacks that way.

      By shoving you could fold out 7x and some random hands that might call a normal T bet
    • BogdanPS
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      Hi Cozacu,

      Preflop: I don't like limping behind here after just one limper unless the guys behind us are very fish and call too much.

      Flop: Raise is fine and size is big enough.

      Turn: Looks like you made a play based on emotions rather than facts/logic/etc. (ex: hate to keep getting rivered).

      While the shove is not terrible we may lose value from Ax hands and even some draws.

      Us betting $2 would give villain the incorrect odds to chase his draw and we make a profit.

      I personally prefer a big bet on the turn.