[NL2-NL10] MSS - AK - with draws - NL 2

    • schelleXL
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      I have A :spade: K :heart:

      xaspectx ($2.44)
      vinicius81 ($3.18)
      merilandpp ($1.25)
      nocap1982 ($2.04)
      schelleXL ($0.79)
      vlladius ($0.92)
      copatka ($0.95)
      Dariana77 ($1.04)


      schelleXL raises $0.06,
      nocap1982 folds,
      Dariana77 folds,
      xaspectx raises $0.16,
      copatka folds,
      vlladius folds,
      vinicius81 folds,
      merilandpp folds,
      schelleXL calls $0.10.

      FLOP [5 :heart: , J :club: , Q :heart:]
      schelleXL checks, xaspectx bets $0.17, schelleXL calls $0.17.

      TURN [7 :heart:]
      schelleXL checks, xaspectx bets $0.44, schelleXL raises $0.46 and is all-in, xaspectx calls $0.02.

      RIVER [9 :club:]

      xaspectx shows [J :diamond: , J :spade:]
      schelleXL mucks
      xaspectx wins $1.53 from the main pot.

      So What I think is that I could have raised bigger préflop due to being OOP
      After That I check because I think a lot of the flop can be in his range.
      But because of his betsize 1/2 pot I think I can still call because I have 2 overcards and a straightdraw

      On the turn a Flushdraw comes along, 2nd best but good enough for an All-in I think

      Did I play as it should ?
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