50$ freee starting capital is over?

    • Mon3yMaChin3
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      Hello boy's and Girls.
      y wife want to start play poker,and i have one question.Pokerstrategy stop 50$ free starting capital?And one more.If my wife login pokerstrategy with same ip adrrees maybe i have problem?cause my work in desktor and my wife have laptop but same internet same house.
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    • abhi147
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      Yes PS now gives 10 instead of 50

      Regarding the IP i think it should be ok for pokerstrategy

      But you should check if youre playing at the same room
      Better to talk to the poker room support first

      And yeah make sure you guys dont sit on the same tables :P
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hey guys :)

      Yes the $50 free starting capital has changed now you can read more about how and why we changed it here: Change of the free bankroll for new PokerStrategy.com members

      Of course your wife is welcome to join us at PokerStrategy.com bring all the (over 18) memebers of the family :) the more the merrier. Your wife will still be able to take advantage of our free money offers as well as open her self up to a whole new world of poker learning :)

      As said above the problems will come if you play at the same poker room. before you both start playing at the same time send an email to whichever room you are playing at and let them know and they can tell you what you can and can't play. You won't be able to play the same cash or Sit n go tables as each other but MTTs are usually fine but still make sure you contact their support first or they could freeze both the accounts

      Make sure she comes and introduces herself on the forums too :)

    • IngridN
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      Our free money offers. With regards to the IP, you may both receive the free money but I think you can't receive it in the same poker room. Also we will probably ask for ID verification etc..

      @abhi147, thanks for helping out :)